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At The WrightWay Emergency Water Removal, complete customer satisfaction and support is our top priority. From beginning to end, we strive to provide compassionate, understanding service that puts your needs and the needs of your property first. We invite you to browse through the testimonials of our many satisfied customers below:

“It is with pleasure that I provide a letter of recommendation to the WrightWay, an emergency water removal and restoration company, that has provided services to both our agency and to our customers.

Key Agency, Inc. has been in business since 1952. Over the years, we have seen many “dry out companies” come and go. The WrightWay has provided the best service we have ever seen. They respond quickly, are very professional, and go above and beyond to make a difficult situation as stress free as possible. Many of our clients have called us to let us know how happy they were with the service they received from The WrightWay.

When our agency experienced a loss, The WrightWay was there immediately, helping to restore order to our office and keeping the disruption to our business a minimum. They worked hard to get us “fixed up”, allowing us to return to “business as usual”, very quickly.
Key Agency, Inc. highly recommends The WrightWay and their team of professionals. We know, if you need them, you will be very hap`py with their work and their commitment to professional, quality service.”

-Eric J. Fogo
Vice President
Key Agency, Inc.

“I am writing this letter to express the appreciation I have for your company, yourself, Scott Clouser and The Wright Way work teams involved. I could not have asked for a better business relationship that developed unfortunately from a pressurized potable water incursion emergency in our Tamarind condo, located in Englewood, Fl.
With the professional evaluation you gave me during our phone conversation on Christmas Eve that started the remediation process, and the subsequent meetings that took place during the following week, I feel that no points of this problem’s resolution were shaded in gray. Between yourself and Scott’s bringing the key investigators and vendors quickly to the condo, the handling of the insurance field agent in his review of the damages, and providing the impetus for a restoration within a very short time frame, I could not have asked for or received better service.

Points I would like to stress about the service WrightWay provided:

  • Very informative and professional “first phone call” received from Ray. Key points of the immediate situation were explained, with possible options regarding the response capabilities of staff and equipment on site.
  • On my arrival at the condo on Christmas day I found a significant quantity of remediation equipment working to dry the unit and provide anti-bacterial air flow. I work with contractors within the Jan/San and cleaning industry providing disinfectant chemicals and was amazed by the thoroughness of how your team approached this problem and the logical steps taken to prevent greater damage.
  • Team workers, to a person, provided me with valuable insight in what they were doing during the following days as the drying out process proceeded. The training they receive was shown in how answers to my questions or information they volunteered about the work being done built my confidence in the work process.
    Scott acting as my project manager did a very thorough report presentation, both written and photo, for the Insurance company field investigator, making this report easier for a satisfactory acceptance to all involved parties.
  • The restoration contractors/vendors that Ray and Scott brought to the reconstruction part of this project were very professional in their approach to what could be accomplished in the short time frame available in restoring the damage. They explained what work was necessary and then performed these tasks within the time available. Being absent from the area during the rebuild process I was glad to have Ray and Scott watching over the job, and from the photos they provided the completed work was done on time and in a very satisfactory manner.
  • During the week between Christmas and New-Years Day I watched the remediation process and the workers involved. The monitoring and recordation of air handling equipment within the condo, the removal of drywall, carpeting, vinyl flooring and any other items destroyed were all done in a professional and quality workmanship manner. At the end of each day everything worked on was swept up and removed from the job site, no debris was left behind for later.
  • I wish to thank all who provided the response and restoration efforts in the return of our condo to its’ original condition. I could not be more satisfied in how this unfortunate situation was rectified.”

    – Frank

    “I am writing in regards to the WrightWay Emergency Water Removal and Reynolds Ventures Companies. I have had the pleasure of working with both of these companies for several years as a portfolio manager with 14 properties and now as an on-site manager. They handle several jobs for me from small to large. I have had several water losses and fires (unfortunately) during my tenure of being a CAM.

    The WrightWay has an expert team that is always prompt in responding when an emergency has occurred, which as you know is the most important concern when one has a flood or a fire. Teresa Boatwright-Diaz has been the lead team member that I’ve predominantly worked with. When she arrives on the scene, she immediately assesses the situation and instantaneously directs her co-workers as to the appropriate plan of action. She is a take charge woman and has extreme knowledge and experience.

    Not only have I had small water losses, I have also had several story condo water losses, along with 3 fires, with one being a 4 alarm fire within the past 2-3 years. The WrightWay handled all of these jobs professionally and made my life as an association manager a lot easier due in part to the fact that they work directly with the associations’ insurance companies, the individual owners, along with their individual insurance companies.

    They go above and beyond their “call of duty”. They have been known to supply food and water, store furniture at no charge while rebuilding, and donate whatever they can to assist the needy after a tragedy.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. I would be happy to speak with you personally should you have additional questions.”

    – Mary Lou Wilson, CAM
    Windmill Village at Punta Gorda, Inc.

    “We were very impressed with The WrightWay. Josh and his team were fantastic. We wrote to our insurance company and agent to tell them how pleased and impressed we were. The WrightWay provided us with the peace of mind that our work would be done correctly and on time. I hope to never need an emergency service again, but if I do, The WrightWay is my first call.”

    – Janet

    Congratulations to you for a magnificent performance of work which included Emergency Service call (water extraction), equipment set up, take down, monitoring and decontamination for damages immediately and rebuilding and repair (structural repair) which included repairs to effected areas of the home. Your response was particularly note-worthy by the professional manner in which it was conducted. Beginning with supervision your emergency crew performing the water intrusion and dry out process followed by the contents manipulation and cleaning was excellent. Immediately following this, your repair/rebuilding came demonstrated expert knowledge and performance of the work in a responsible manner.

    A statement of thanks is communicated to for a “job well done.”

    – Eugene M. Koval, DMD

    “The WrightWay has been in the industry for several years and has proven to be one of the most dependable companies I have had the pleasure to work with. They recently handled a large fire claim for us that we had insured through Tower Hill. During this time and the efficient way that they managed the loss, we were able to insure several of the neighbors’ homes. When the prospect would call for a quote, they would just say, “I do not care how much the premium is, I want to have the same insurance agency and company as…” What a tribute to the WrightWay for a job well done.”

    -Judy Ackles
    Dick, Johnson & Jefferson Inc.

    “John and I would like to express our deepest appreciation and thanks for all the outstanding care and attention given to our recent claim due to flooding. We were most impressed, not only with the professionalism and competence of the WrightWay, and everyone else involved, but most importantly with their empathy for our situation. They were all very courteous and understanding of what we were going through. We can only praise and thank everyone involved and we would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. Many thanks to The WrightWay and Joshua Reynolds.”

    – Janet

    “After visiting the Church this morning most people would never know what happened this past week. Teresa and her crew did an outstanding job cleaning and repairing the Fellowship Hall, Foyer, and Church Sanctuary. All areas show are as “clean as clean as can be.” We had a few skeptics on our side of the fence that feared we would be cancelling Saturday’s and possibly Sunday’s services.

    Thanks again to Teresa and her crew as well as both companies, Florida Southern Roofing and The WrightWay, efforts to get the Church back in shape for this week’s services.”

    – Phillip Frincke
    Trustee, Hope Lutheran Church

    “Everyone who works in any customer service related field appreciates how difficult and challenging it is to develop, implement and sustain excellent customer service programs. It has been both my personal as well as professional experience that The WrightWay Water Restoration Specialists Company has accomplished and exceeded these goals.

    My introduction to The WrightWay’s excellent customer service was when I sustained significant water damage in my personal residence, resulting in considerable water damage, some structural damage and a mold and mildew situation. The WrightWay responded promptly to my initial call regarding the water damage and provided a complete proposal of their plan of attack.

    Although the restoration project in my home was extensive, The WrightWay staff assessed carefully how long they expected before they would complete the required work and assigned sufficient technicians to accomplish it. The employees who worked in my home were consummately professional and pleasant. We could not have asked for a better experience, considering the circumstances.

    Additionally, I have referred The WrightWay to numerous policy holders who have sustained water, fire, or mold damage to their property. The general response from our policyholders who have utilized The WrightWay’s services has been overwhelmingly positive. Unconditionally, I would highly recommend The WrightWay to any individual or business who sustains water damage, a fire or mold and mildew.

    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience with this excellent company.”

    – Eileen M. McGrath
    Director of Personal Lines
    RTI Insurance Services

    “I would just like you to know that in my opinion, in this day and age of greed with a total lack of customer service, you folks at The WrightWay stand out as one of the most professional, caring, dependable corporations I have ever dealt with.

    Your company and all its employees stand out as doing it the “Wright Way. I am so glad that the folks at Gulf Coast and Kevin Ritter use your company as its renovation team.

    Thank you all for a job well done,”

    – Ken

    “We at Bella Arte Studio, Inc. would like to let you know how much we appreciated the professional manner, with which you and your staff handled the Blin project.

    Through the initial procedures and throughout the entire project, there was always someone from your talented group that was available and helpful at any time, most impressively, even given the number of jobs that demanded your individual attention.

    Please let your crew know how much we appreciated their level of professionalism and courtesy. Josh, Matt, and Ray were “on their game” at every turn. It is nice to work with people who know their trade so well.”

    – Marco Bell and Monica Spain
    Bella Arte Studio, Inc.

    “We wanted to thank you for an excellent job on our recent restoration project! You did a fabulous job despite all the pressures of the timeline we had to meet. We had just accepted an offer on our condo at Seaplace in Longboat Key, Florida when the sewer pipe above our unit busted and flooded our kitchen and living room, as well as drywall replaced and repaired among many other things. At suggestion of the condo manager I contacted The WrightWay and got immediate help. Your folks were at our condo within two hours and took charge. We were scheduled to close and give possession to the new buyers within 45 days. The kitchen had to be completely gutted and new cabinets ordered and installed. Your company met the deadline and exceeded all of our expectations. Brian, Bruno, Miles, and Mark were on the job when we arrived to pack our things. They did an outstanding job! We would recommend your company with the utmost confidence that you guys can get the job done right and on time! You did an amazing job!”

    Thanks again.

    David & Sandy

    “Words cannot express how grateful I am to your company. The crew Teresa sent out to my house (Debbie, Shuntull & Martin) did an amazing job! I have been suffering the past 5 months with severe asthma and allergies and at the time your crew came to my home I had a sinus headache that had been ongoing for over 2 weeks. After the thorough cleaning of my entire house and A/C unit, I can tell you it only took 2 days for me to realize that I had no sinus pressure in my head or face.

    I have already recommended The Wright Way to my friends and family. Thank you for the outstanding job you did in my home!”

    – Christina

    “I would like take a moment to personally thank you for a job well done. Bill and I couldn’t be more pleased with our entire experience with “The Wright Way”. You made the whole process easy. From water damage removal to repairs and final clean up. I especially want to mention how great Lindsey and Cheryl handled their responsibilities.

    I can’t express how relieved we are that our home is back to normal, better than normal. You accomplished every detail I was promised from the onset of this nightmare.

    Thank you, Rob, Lindsey and Cheryl. I will have complete confidence to recommend “The Wright Way” to anyone that finds them in the emergency situation we were.”

    – Kimberly

    “When emergencies happen to families, we are often very nervous about finding the right company to help us out.

    Last week our A/C system developed a blockage and we had water drain from the unit in the garage into my grandson’s bedroom soaking his carpet which started to cause mildew before we even knew there was a problem. While trying to figure out what to do I had to stop at my insurance company to make changes to my homeowners policy and while there, explained what had happened at my home.

    Ronnie Grubbs has been my agent for over 20 years and he highly recommended The WrightWay and said you would do a good job for me. I am so glad I took his advice. Each employee that came to my home was not only helpful, but very knowledgeable and professional as well.

    Larry, who gave the estimate, was very helpful and arrived on time. He also understood everything that needed to be done without hesitation.

    Teresa, your head tech, was very knowledgeable and professional and very helpful in explaining everything that needed to be done and how long it would take.

    Darren, the young man with Teresa, was equally knowledgeable and he took the time to answer my questions about the Antimicrobial Benefect, which I knew nothing about. I have animals and grandchildren here so I was very pleased to learn how safe the product was. He was as knowledgeable as Teresa and handled the paperwork as well.

    Thank you for the kind and professional employees who made this trying problem so much easier to deal with. I will recommend The WrightWay without hesitation to anyone needing your services and I have told Ronnie Grubbs thank you for recommending your company to us.”

    – Jackie

    “It is my pleasure to advise you of the excellent work and attitude of your foreman, Bruno Maietta. This has been a trying time for me and I would not have been able to handle it without the compassion and willingness to help displayed by Bruno. I congratulate you on choosing such an apt personality for the job he does.

    Thank you for making a difficult task bearable.”

    – Ellen

    “I want to take a moment to thank Larry for his generosity in assisting me with my water damage and taking my call on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when he was out of town. Then meeting me personally at my home has put him over the top! In a time when service “stinks” in our society, you have maintained the level of service we use to see. For someone in the service industry, I am extremely critical of service or lack thereof and have no patience for this. I also feel when there is a “Wright” (pun intended) to do, I should let the proper people know.

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am to your entire staff that has been at our home. From the first crew (who I did not meet), to the present parties that deserve special attention.

    Rick has been absolutely outstanding. For someone who can be a real pain, yes me, I can and recognize this, he has never done anything that would make me go into the “not kind mode” and I am being polite with my words. He has outstanding follow-up skills, is kind, willing and did so, to meet the Nationwide adjuster at my home. Had Rick not been there we would/could have been taken advantage of. Rick has been willing to meet us at our home, without any hesitation, during evening hours on several occasions. I could go on and on, but I will stop here as I do not want his head to swell so he cannot fit through our door!

    Now, Al King, what can I say about Al. All of the skill sets I mentioned above about Rick apply to Al as well. I have only had the pleasure of meeting him personally one time, Val has met him twice and we are extremely impressed with Al too. As promised, he immediately called me after he, Rick, Val and I met one evening to set-up time for the crew to begin the work. We scheduled it and work began immediately. I could go on and on about Al but the same applies to him.

    Take care, thank you again and I will certainly refer anyone to you that I can. I may even walk the streets and create water damage just so you can get more work!”

    -Anonymous, Sr. Vice President
    Operations/Sales Support

    “I think it is time for some good news and that is the rebuilding of my condo is finished. The work was completed by Reynolds Ventures Inc. and me. The unit was destroyed as you know, by a burst water pipe, damage involved walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, a loss of over $40,000.

    Reynolds Ventures Inc. was contracted to rebuild and there team was led by Bruno, the project superintendent, and his team John, Tanner and Miles. There work performance begins with their professional appearance, the careful treatment of the home, covered floors, end of day clean up, skilled repairs in all trades, attention to detail, and an ongoing interaction through the process including suggestions and corrections.

    As a retired contractor, I can say, they are the best in the business. The entire crew reflects the values and attitudes of the company and their job super Bruno. He was a true partner to work with; professional experience in all aspects of the building trades, a skilled communicator and above all, lives by the code, “Do the right thing always”.
    A company is only as good as there weakest employee. In this case, I find the crew has no weakness; they are the best representative that any company owner could have. They follow ethical standards and values as set by Bruno and Reynolds Ventures management.

    So my congratulations to Reynolds Ventures, in a final note, estimator, Scott, his knowledge and execution of the bid process, using the latest bidding software provided for a comprehensive and detailed job scope review.

    On a score of 1-10 I give them all an 11!”

    – Ray
    Homeowner and Retired Contractor

    “I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I was with the service provided by The WrightWay Emergency Water Removal Company. In particular, I would like to highlight the services of Rick Carson and Mike White. Both of these men were really outstanding in the service they provided.

    The ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom collapsed because of an unknown leak in my roof. It was really scary and messy and just having The WrightWay come in and basically take charge of the whole thing was a relief for me. Rick was a great liaison between me and my insurance company, Tower Hill. He assured me that it would all go well and it did.
    Mike White did a great job (as well as his crew) reconstructing and painting my daughter’s bedroom. It looked better than it did before the damaged occurred.

    Please let Rick and Mike know how happy and pleased I was with their professional attitude and diligent work ethic. I would certainly recommend the company to anyone who needs assistance with a leak, flood or any emergency of the sort.”

    – Carolyn

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