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We understand that you already Commercial Reconstruction had a busy schedule prior to experience damage to your property. You can rest assured that we will respond quickly and get your business up and running in the quickest time possible so you can tend to the important aspects of running your business. When your business is down, every minute counts!

Managing a commercial restoration project requires managing logistics. We are experts at managing available resources to work with your insurance company to get your doors open and minimizing down time.


Water damage is unexpected and progressive. The longer water impacts your business, the greater the damage so time is truly of the essence. Water damage can also halt the production or standard operations of your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when a water emergency strikes, WrightWay offers the fastest emergency response available – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Fire can be devastating to your business. In addition to the obvious structural damage – smoke residue as well as the water damage caused by suppression efforts will impact your business. Professional assistance is needed to get you back up and running quickly. Smoke residue in combination with elevated moisture is corrosive to many contents especially computers and electronics. Emergency response can dramatically impact the amount of time that it takes to recover from fire damage to your property. For any type of fire damage restoration, we’re here to restore your peace of mind. Call WrightWay for your restoration needs
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Besides causing a major business interruption, a mold problem can also present serious health risks for occupants of your property. Mold infestations can be caused in many different ways including improperly dried water intrusions or long-term leaks. It can also present itself in different forms. We’re the experts that can identify your mold issue and provide the necessary restoration services. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, give us a call and we will respond quickly with a precise solution.

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At WrightWay, we know that you want to get your business up and running quickly after any sort of damage. We have experience working with insurance companies, adjusters and insurance company consultants to assure your project is completed properly and in a timely manner while using the correct billing procedures and software programs. You want to make sure that your job is complete with no surprises at the end of the job. Our experienced team offers unrivaled restoration services to rebuild your structure and make your property better than before the damage.

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Here is just a short list of commercial projects we have worked on:

  • Condominiums
  • Retail spaces
  • Church buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Multi-unit condos
  • School buildings
  • Manufactured homes
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • High-rise residential
  • Hotels
  • Strip malls
  • Medical buildings
Commercial Restoration


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Allow Florida’s leading restoration company to help return your property to a pre-loss condition. The WrightWay team looks forward to safeguarding your property with an extensive range of services. Contact us via our web form or call us at 941-379-8669 today!

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